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Ever since I can remember, music and writing have always been two of my four biggest passions (films and art being the other two).


Music inspires me to write. When I hear something intriguing, I always feel the need to put my thoughts on paper, as well as to discover more about people who created it. 


That is how Muse(ic) Books was born:

the idea to combine these two passions of mine in one exciting project by writing and publishing books on creative female artists from the world of music.


Why women? - one might ask...

Generally speaking, female musicians have never been treated by the media as seriously and with the same respect as their male colleagues. Men are more often judged just purely on the basis of their work, whereas females are frequently being perceived through the prism of their looks, gender, attitude, private life, etc. There is still a lot of prejudice concerning women in music, no matter what genre we will look at. Female artists are hardly seen as unique individuals, but are often being compared to one another and are sooner likely to be labelled than men. It is very sad, especially since there are so many wonderful, original, intelligent and innovative ladies around who need to receive much more attention and credit than they are given.

I am aware that my little independent publications will not change anything on a bigger scale. However, it might be worth to give it a try...


-Marta Samitowska



Marta was born in 1977, in Krakow, Poland, where in 2000 she earned her MA degree in English literature at the Jagiellonian University. In 2001 she moved to the Netherlands. In 2005 she finished her bachelor study of Dutch Language and Culture at the University of Leiden. She lives in Delft with her husband and son.





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